Friday, July 11, 2008

Walking through the park..

....and reminiscing. Because, of course you know, that I can barely walk. So my walks are in my head, for the moment. I didn't blog much with Allie. I have had this blog since 2004 but didn't keep much of the information, for a number of reasons. Allie was our beautiful German shepherd who chose us and stayed with us for over 13 years. We did everything possible to give her the best quality of life possible while she suffered horrific allergies. How we managed during those years, I haven't quite figured out. She had a number of medicines to take along with a host of trips to specialists at MSU and her internist in Detroit. She had more medical professionals looking after her than I do! We loved her so.

We have grown so incredibly fond of our Mr. Handsome. He is a big goofy dog with a huge heart. He doesn't know his size and often is completely oblivious to large stationary objects like a sofa or table. His youth is apparent in his constant scanning for critters in his yard, intruders or the ever popular, Furry Girlfriend.

Paul and I talk often of the differences between the two dogs. Allie was a slender, aloof, reserved and quiet dog. I would best describe our life together as being allowed in her world, bit players whom she tolerated to feed, care and adore her. This changed slightly when we were at the beach. At the beach, she was transformed into a wild, howling beast. We loved it.

Samson is a hunter. He hunts and kills his prey. He is fast and nimble and not afraid to attack anything. This became a concern when the wild turkeys were in our yard, and the raccoon and we are always fearful of the skunks. (It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when). He is confident and mobile, demanding and entertaining all at once. Tonight, the hunter killed a shrew. Little guy was probably lounging for dinner in our neighbor's pachysandra, when out of the sky came a wild monster and ended its life. This is, of course after wild monster Samson toyed with him for a while before the end. Poor little guy.

His conquest in the pachysandra left him pretty round up for the evening. He had quite a BIT to say to Paul as we were trying to enjoy a potentially quiet Friday. Nothing like having your butt chewed by a dog.

We both agreed that any dog coming into our house would live with Allie's ghost. But Samson is a different kind of dog. He isn't concerned about a comfortable bed or a good quilt. He just wants to be with us and do dog things. Like chase and kill things. He is a funny little man. Lots to do this weekend! Enjoy.

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