Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here come the brushes

It's one of the those 'no time to even stop and breathe' weekends. We are up early and are heading out to secure rollers, brushes, paint, color and breakfast, not necessarily in that order. Paul and Deb will stain and shellac the day away, while I will try and make some inroads on the fine white dust that has covered everything in the house.

Yesterday, Jim sanded the the walls and shared the byproduct with the rest of the house. UGH. It's everywhere. And if you want to see updates, Blogger added a cool little feature, a link to the title. Click on the entry title to see pictures of the progress.

Tomorrow, I imagine will be more of whatever needs to get done. I have a photog date with my friend Denise and her fiance' Michael to take some engagement pictures. I can't wait! The weather will be perfect.

We are outta here - stay tuned for updates.

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