Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's going on?

Well, it's hump day and for the short week, we are two days from the weekend!  The kitchen is unreal.  Jim has been busy with floor tile and it looks amazing.  I would haul out the camera and take pictures but Paul's work is just as good so take a peak here.  Even Jim thinks that the whole thing will look amazing.  And that is a lot coming from Jim. ;)   There is a better than good possibility that the appliances will be installed by next week.   I can hardly stand thinking about having a working stove, regular size refrigerator and -WOO HOO- a beverage fridge.   The replacement midget fridge is doing duty in the basement, where it will stay helping out with overflow during holidays and parties. I will not have to go downstairs to get food or drink.  No more rustic living! 

And mark your calendar for our Kitchen Warming party.  Saturday Night, November 1.  Food and drink (I know, shocking for a kitchen warming party) with lots of friends and conversation.  Invitations to follow.  Twitter for you cool cats, paper for those who don't Tweet. 

Mr. Handsome is spending his days at Whiskers.  He absolutely loves his friends there and the staff seem to have found a special place in their hearts for him.   The beauty is that he doesn't seem to miss us when he is there and loves coming home at night.  We seem to be done with any separation anxiety and that is a very good thing.  

I have mentioned before that I have started subscribing to a (GASP) magazine, Real Simple.  If you don't get this, borrow one and I promise you that it is worth ever single penny that it costs to subscribe.  Plus you get really cool email - recipes and daily thoughts.  My favorite?  A truly Zen thought, the obstacle is the path.  

Ponder that one friends.  And have a good one.

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Lisa said...

I subscribed to Real Simple back in the know, when I was employed and had disposable income. Fast forward to the here and now, after the disposable income was all pooped away on disposable diapers (no pun intended), and now I have to read it in my doctor's waiting room. Who cares if the issue is 7 months out of day. Right?

Beautiful magazine. The Zen quote has me stymied, though. Is that sort of like "the road less traveled?" I'm baffled.