Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another beautiful day

It is gorgeous here. We had lots of rain, wind and falling leaves. Big, full clouds are racing across the sky, leaves are flying and and our pine trees are swaying and dancing like crazy. (Lisa, you would LOVE this day).

I have been incredibly busy as we make great strides in the basement. Much of our old furniture and accessories have made their way to new, good homes. And that frees up space in the basement for what we had originally intended it to be - a library, an office , our workout room and Paul's work area. We are SO close. I lived for so long (in SoCal) without a basement and frankly was both mortified and embarrassed at how quickly ours became a junk pit. (There are a lot of reasons - two homes, etc but still, it was out of control... ) By the end of the winter, our goal is to have the basement in perfect shape.

So while I was in the basement cleaning groove, Paul came downstairs to pull me away from work to go out and have some fun. Go figure. He found a stunning tree around the block so he dragged me out to take pictures. Well, he was right and it was beautiful. While we were at it, we drove over the Reed's Lake to take pictures of the water before it turned icy. We live in a beautiful area and I think Grand Rapids is one of the best kept secrets in the midwest. More pictures are here.

Tomorrow, we are back it but it's a short work we for me. I have Friday off to get ready for Halloween and our kitchen warming party on Saturday! Enjoy the day.


Lisa said...

How's that "wintry mix" shaping up? Just checking.

The leaves are stunning. It's still brown here. Oh, and the wind is blowing like crazy, so it's generally just hazy dust everywhere you look. Gag. I'd much prefer "wintry mix."


Lisa said...

P.S. Your pics are gorgeous!

Deirdre Honner said...

Well download that album and run it when you need a good reminder. :) Thanks for the nice words. Good pictures are pretty easy with such an awesome camera!