Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas prayers

Lord, forgive me, I send out really crappy Christmas cards.

Over the years, I have, by my own admission, lost the energy and excitement that comes with addressing the hoards of cards we send out. I think in part, because I wait to the last minute and it's a scramble. Paul is organized and on task; I am moping and whining, thinking about other things than cards. But annually, I am humbled and amazed by the thoughtful and stunning cards that arrive each year.

Paul's cousin Mary, along with a lovely card, sent us a picture of her children. They are beautiful. And happy. And adorable. And smart. (I can tell by the picture). It made me want to pick and move next door to them so we could hang out (and they could know their geeky, weirdo aunt).

Lord, not another beautiful card.

Paul's friend in England remembers EVERY YEAR to send us a card, parcel post, so it gets here in plenty of time. He works, has a busy life with a terrific wife and kids. And he remembers. I work at a college with a mailroom onsite and I can't even drive across campus for this. LOSER.

Oh Lord, another one.

I have a friend in DC who sends me the most amazing cards. Every year. I look forward to his cards more than any other card, in anticipation and anxiety. These aren't cards from any store, these are cards handmade by an artisan, beautiful in design, color and content. He THINKS about the cards. This year, he sent a card with a work-theme. The card was actual made of wood veneer. I am almost, no, AM embarrassed to send him a card, purchased at a club store, stamped in China and sprinkled with art deco sparkles. Part of me lives in fear that someday he will deem me unworthy and stop sending cards. I hope he isn't reading this blog.

So this starts the New Year's Resolution. With my lamentations, Lord, forgive me for such crappy cards, And let me resolve to do better next year.


Lisa said...

Every year, at the bottom of every card, just below our scrawled signatures...I want to write, "P.S., If you don't get one next year, it doesn't mean I don't like you."

And then I could be done with Christmas cards. But, I'm like you. I fly around at the last minute and then scramble to get them out timely. Maybe if we were as organized and efficient as that military guy you're married to. Scheesh!


P.S. Your card was lovely!

Big Johnny said...

Christmas cards...just more holiday pressure and part of the oppressive commercial machine being operated by The Man

Jewels said...

You know that beautiful photo you took of Mr. Handsome running? You should put it on a photo card. Now that would not be crappy at all!