Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Happy Dance!

Indeed. This has been a most delightful week.

Last night, we had Henry and Jan over for dinner. Paul made his famous Tenderloin Deluxe along with toasted pine nut cous cous and a Caesar salad. We had a light Merlot (yes, such a wine exists) and the entire meal was wonderful, along with the company. A quick aside, HB was QUITE taken with Henry. He remained at Henry's side for most of the evening, even giving him a kiss! HB was shameless in his begging for attention, pawing Jan for love too. Clearly, they know that we don't provide much love and affection to the silly goof.

We are enjoying the beautiful snow as it swirls and falls. The wind will periodically shake the show from the trees and branches; it's gorgeous -winter wonderland gorgeous. The camera battery is charging (doh) and more pictures soon - promise. Chris from HWC Homeworks is installing a screen door on the side of our house (I know, it's about dumb time, eh?) We are having lunch with friends to talk about life, the universe and picture taking and have the afternoon to play in the snow with the Handsome One.

The snow is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy the day!

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Lisa said...

Screen door in December? Dumb? Never. Motherlanders are hearty stock. We eat ice cream in February. So, a screen door in December just makes good ol' fashioned common sense.

The pictures are beautiful. Loving the snow here in God's Brown Earth.