Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The right frame of mind

I was getting a little anxious this week. I have watched my fall fly by. No more leaves, no beautiful blue skys, changing leaves, football. Now it's snow, grey skies and sidewalk salt. Next week it's Christmas... I'm freakin' here ... yeah, Christmas ... so what do I want? What is Christmas really?

Christmas is the mounting pressure, the chaos, the road anxiety (we don't really have rage in Grand Rapids), the busy malls, the desperate stores and vendors, the ugly plastic inflatables, and the Christmas colors and neon lights. I don't want this. I don't want this kind Christmas.

And then there is Christmas. The night that changed our lives. Just like Linus says to Charlie Brown,

That is the Christmas I want as I head into the weekend before the holiday. No stress. No chaos. No annoyance. Just joy. Wish me well on this, won't you? :)


Big Johnny said...

two words...single malt

Lisa said...

Joy to you, Sister! And AMEN on what Christmas is and ought to be...to everyone. Every year the masses seem to fall farther and farther from the true meaning.

Way to go on that clip: my favorite Christmas show. Right up there with The Grinch!