Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Techie Tuesday

When not working, protecting our border from marauding bands of dangerous Canadian teachers, or whipping out job descriptions in between papercuts or even tracking down lost files, I am busy on the computers. Shocking I know. So starts Techie Tuesday. You know, since I LOVE technology.

Right now, if you are not on Twitter, you are close to being left behind. There is no better way to create an entire solar system of imaginary friends. Srlsy.

If you are like me and one of your machines is a Mac, Picasa for the Mac was released. Thank you Google. <>

If life isn't depressing enough, you can join an imaginary and virtual stock exchange. You get an imaginary $100k and you can try your hand at trading. Couldn't be any worse than were I am now.

One of the coolest emerging sites online is Alltop. It's, "all the topics, all the time." Check Alltop out. Tell 'em the Maven sent you. ;)

I am going back to being sick, and maybe playing with my lens. Goodnight from the enchanted Mitten.


Lisa said...

Speaking of new lenses: I had my Nikon in to Ritz Camera in GP. I thought I'd pick up an external flash since the internal seems to be defective and I've taken virtually no pictures indoors since being here. Whatever connection there is between the ext and int flash must be defective, too. We couldn't get the ext flash to fire. Blah. She says repairs at Nikon will take 4 weeks. Double Blah.

Hope you're feeling better.


Jewels said...

D- Hope you feel better soon! I love these techie tips. I haven't gotten into Twitter yet, but I could use another solar system of imaginary friends! Alltop looks cool too.