Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Thursday. All day.

The weather has been relatively miserable. It's raining here and rain on top of snow makes fog and just general nastiness. Yuck. Of course, His Handsomeness doesn't mind an iota. He spent his entire Wednesday at his favorite puppy playhouse, Whiskers, came home and put himself to bed. Slept through the night, the sweet little thing.

I have been pouring over the stimulus package, trying to understand how a tax CUT will help people who aren't working. Still trying to take it all in. And hoping my neighbor Cris will come over and explain it all to me. It's always good to hear a differing point of view. ;)

I have posted the pasta recipe that our friend and BFF to Samson, Ann Marie made for us last Saturday. Head over to the Cafe for more info.

Another busy weekend. Bookclub on Friday night, Davey Jones dinner on Saturday and a host of stuff in between! Have a good one.

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