Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday wrap up

I have too many interests. And not enough time. I could cut out sleep but that might be detrimental. Or just stupid. I love to sleep - always have - never did an all-nighter though I did come home late when I was young. Anyway, I don't have enough time to do all the things that I really want to do. Can't cut out work so that leaves ... well... nothing. So I deal.

Saturday morning, way too early for me, Paul and I both took off on our separate ways. Paul headed to Chicago for the a friend's retirement; I headed to a friend's business to help him interview sales people. It was a good day of interviewing and by the time I got home, Mr Handsome was ready to play. Problem with Saturday was the temperature; it was 51 degrees and all the snow in our backyard had melted into small lake. Lake Kratochwill we call it. Samson calls it fun. I call it messy.

Saturday night was an absolutely beautiful evening. Paul was going to spend the night in Chi-town but the weather was terrific and the roads clear, so he headed home. He called me about the time the sun was setting and urged me to grab the camera and get outside. It was gorgeous out and I took some beautiful pictures of the moon. I know that I should have grabbed the tripod too but my pictures were good enough. The rest of the night, I hung with the Handsome One and read.

Since the photography class, I have spent my entire life in manual mode. And RAW. The only time I find myself switching to pre-fixed settings is to see the ISO setting. It is wonderful to have so much control over the pictures. Poor Samson is so tired of having my camera stuck in his face that he has started trotting to the other room when I pull it out. :) I have signed up for another class, this one out at Meijer Gardens. It's in March and should be another fun event. I will keep you posted!

There won't be much activity here the next couple of nights. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on Monday and Tuesday nights on the USA Channel. We have to watch and always see the German shepherd dog. It's a must for us. In fact, I recall skipping a few classes and leaving early so I could get home to see it. ;)

So that's it for now! We didn't win the lottery so tomorrow, we are back at it! Enjoy the night.


Big Johnny said...

That is one handsome canine...

Deirdre Honner said...

Isn't he? We adore need to come visit and meet him.