Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Happy Dance!

Ah, it's so nice to be doing the Friday Happy Dance! It's been an unusual week - some warmth, a lot of rain and a wicked cold front. We actually have sun scheduled for Saturday but unlike living in SoCal, we all know about weather in Michigan. So I won't make an picture plans until I see the sun rise. For real. And if I am really fortunate, I can get some pictures of the moon this weekend. I need clear skies. Puhleese.

As we stare down spring, we are trying to have a few good fires in the fireplace. Gives me good reason to play with my manual settings and lower shutter speeds. It's really fun. Like watching grass grow.

I am also looking at new camera bodies. It is almost impossible to get great pictures with one camera body when you have a number of different lenses. I am looking at a couple of the Nikon D upgrades. Still undecided, still looking and still thinking and hoping to win the lottery.

We have a quiet weekend with absolutely nothing planned. We haven't even planned a menu for Saturday night. Can you believe it? Mr. Handsome had a great week hanging with his peeps - Catie for his regular four days and a day at Whiskers. He has taken to stretching out on the sofa at night with Paul. He continues to amaze us with his silliness, playfulness and joy. Our very fave vet tech, Jen, says to him, "I want your life" She isn't kidding -what a life. He really is SO handsome.

Well this week is almost in the books. We are moving ahead with JobAngels and hope to have the site ready to go soon. I have a little more content to finish for my colleagues. When we hit the go-live button, you will hear it here. Promise. If you are on Twitter, please follow us @jobangels.

Have a great weekend.

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Jewels said...

I got a pic of the moon this morning... not quite as nice as it should have been, but it was ok. Looks like it will be a clear weekend :)