Saturday, March 21, 2009

Left turn

And we woke up to snow. Not too much - a dusting really but that completely killed my plans for taking pictures of the crescent moon. Rats.

When we arrived home from work, Samson was ready to chase some FD. He always gets so intense with the FD but mostly I love his jumps. He is such a happy, funny dog. While Paul was making the masterpiece that was our dinner, I did get a couple of killer shots of the sunset. It wasn't as colorful as previous nights but the contrails of a couple jets made it lovely.

The Red Wings had a wonderful game last night against the Thrashers. We are such wild swingers - frisbee and catch with the dog, an incredible meal (by chef Paul of course) with great wine and Friday night hockey. Really, that's craziness. :)

We have a busy weekend with a few errands, dinner with friends tonight and Ann Marie coming to spend Sunday with us. Enjoy yours!


Jewels said...

You guys are swingers... and a great photog. to catch it all! I love those old trees against the sky. When you say happy, funny dog I think of the same words I would use to describe my son who just came home for spring break and is over there laughing. Check out the pix of him over at my blog with my new camera...I didn't announce it yet but posted them. It's kind of cool when you click on it and go into flickr, you can see all the EXIF data (I'm not sure if you would have to be logged in or not though).

Jewels said...

Did you intentionally call it left turn and have a pic of Samson turned left? Funny!

Deirdre Honner said...

I am not that witty. No, left turn because the snow caused a left turn for me. :) And GREAT pictures of Edward. I can see the EXIF data even when I am not logged in. WOW awesome camera. **camera envy**

Jewels said...

Thanks, I'm sooooo happy with it. I'm still sneaking around here with it though - it goes to show how really oblivious they all are to me with a camera.