Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's in a week?

Seven days, that's what!  :)  It's been a wonderful week already.  

Earlier this week, we were privileged to be part of the (BBWP) which translates to the Britton-Bailey Wedding Planners (or Party).  It was wildly raucous evening of Jimmy John's dinner, wedding favors, goodies, giveaways and fellowship.  I won't give away pictures of the fun stuff but did have a chance to take some pictures in the beautiful Calvin chapel.  Tomorrow is the Friday Happy Dance!

I want to put in a plug for my wonderful husband and his Relay for Life cause.  If you can donate a few shekels, please help.    It goes to a GREAT cause.  


Jewels said...

Nice pic of the cross!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I see the new camera is keeping you occupied. I'm jealous. :-)

How about Pecos?