Saturday, May 02, 2009

Finally, the weekend...

The speed with which time passes is truly remarkable.  This week was a good one with a couple of JobAngels milestones and a visit to a closeteer.  

The website for JobAngels is moving along, thanks to some key work by Mark C (@triumphcio). He made things happen with the site.  It's incredible.  For the weekend, I have some content to contribute.  
We have arrived at the point in time where we need new closets.  The details are irrelevant and immaterial but the closets are, let's just say, a mess.  We met with a designer in Holland, Closet Design.  We picked out some great designs and wood color.  Since we have zero storage space no, anything will be an improvement.   We think this upgrade will be a homerun.  After this, hopefully we will be done with home improvement.  Maybe? 
Friday night, we hosted book club.  We have begun to understand that it really isn't always about the book; rather it's really about (in order of importance) 1.  Wine  2. Fellowship 3. Snacks  4. Book.   It only took us five bookclubs to figure this out.  Next up are The Geography of Bliss and then The Zookeeper's Wife.  
Saturday, I have a bridal shower to attend for the wedding of the century.  Abi is hosting Denise Britton's shower and I am certain that it will be spectacular.  Plus I get to take pictures of the amazing event.  
Sunday, perhaps more pictures of a good friend and her dog.   And, woo hoo,  the Red Wings take on Anaheim for game 2 in the series.  
As always, you can find us on Twitter.  The most interesting tweets come from a silly little shepherd, @thedogsamson.   
Go Wings and have a great weekend!  

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Jewels said...

Great pix of the handsome one!!.. and the closets, I'm sure, will help you manage the dirty clothes so you do not have to got to work naked.