Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday et al

So Saturday night happened because of a dinner in May where we didn't drink all the good wine ... that happened because a colleague has a wife who loves photography ...who I happened to meet because I work at Calvin College and ..., well you get the picture. (He he). So Paul made rack o'lamb, long grain rice, fabulous salad with terrific home made salad dressing and some fantabulous wine. We ate good food, drank great wine, talked, laughed and even had some ice cream. Every night should be that much fun.

Fortunately Julia brought her camera along, a pretty sweet Canon and we spent some of our time taking pictures in the living room. I have been uninspired with the outside and she helped me see all the fun things that are worthy of a few pictures in the house. Ah, sweet inspiration! What's best about a friend like Julia is that she doesn't just say, 'oh nice pictures' - she tells me what she likes and doesn't like. Critique is SO helpful. And her pictures are just terrific. I always look forward to what she posts.

Paul and I got a lot of things done around the house this weekend and while much still needs to be done, the grass is looking fine and the gardens lush. The weather has been unusually cool and there is a frost warning tonight. Really, a frost warning. I will take frost, we have had snow this late in the year so no complaints.

This is a busy week and an equally busy weekend. We have a contractor coming to look at our closets (time two), a visit with our accountant and then Friday starts the Relay for Life. There won't be much between now and then except a few pictures or such. We are hoping that the Red Wings roast the Anaheim Ducks. There is enough fowl in the world!

Have a great week all!


Jewels said...

Nice pix! I love the background to your milky-hard-to-focus-in-the-dark vases! And I don't remember the hand. It's cool how you have the empty space - suggestive of the missing hand.

We should have taken pix of the food! Mmmm, we ate too fast :)

Lisa said...

Love the Healing Hand. That's my favorite.