Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out and about

Paul and I hit the road Friday morning and had a nice weekend in the Motor City. We had all kinds of plans, few of which materialized. I had great plans of beautiful pictures of the Lake St Clair and time with my books. Paul was taking his Dad to the Tiger's baseball game.

Well, it rained so I never did get the pictures that I had hoped. Paul's dad was feeling a little under the weather so I took in my first ever baseball game at Comerica Park. Wow, is it a gorgeous park! It wasn't a total loss - the Tigers won and we found the brick that Paul and his siblings bought for his parents all those years ago.

We had a nice time and were fortunate to miss all the construction traffic, enjoy good food and company and make it home in time for a nap.

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Lisa said...

Mike and Ann, AND The Cadieux Cafe! Nice.