Sunday, September 13, 2009

My summer vacation

So I finally took one. Here is what I did.

Drove to GP with Paul and Samson's BFF, Ann Marie. She was taking a break from school and hitched a ride with us to the east side of the state. Thrilling driving the Friday before Labor Day into the city.

Hung out in GP for the long weekend. Had great meals at the Irish Coffee, Sinbads and Paul's homemade cooking. He made us Beef Tenderloin in Bourbon and may I just say - on my heavenly goodness.

On the way home from GP, we took the road less traveled and swung through Port Huron. Drove by our old cottage and stopped to look at the water.

Waited for the repair-person to come fix my dishwasher and washing machine. Yeah for warranties. No they aren't fixed because every company in the world now uses JIT inventory - just in time for them and not me the consumer. Parts get delivered TO ME and then someone RETURNS to fix the broken machine. So that means more time at home waiting for the repair-person to return, yet again.

Had a new stand up freezer delivered. Secured a cow, a pig and a lamb for said freezer - (really Paul did this but I was part of the conversation)

Did a job hunting workshop at Victory Life in Big Rapids.

Went to an anti-racism conference in Kalamazoo.

Had my bloodwork done for my annual physical. That involved one morning with no coffee. Let me tell you that we are ALL glad those days are few and far between.

Talked to some people and had a few meals.

So to recap. I had 8 days off. I had 0 days to just do nothing. I am tired and need a vacation from my vacation. I think I will take another one at the end of the month and with any luck, that should be a REALLY good vacation. :)


Jewels said...

LOLOLOLOL...part of the conversation! Good thing you had no work to interfere with that week!! Work with no coffee might have been a bit difficult :)

Lisa said...

Sorry, I read this two days ago, but had to go lay down and rest.