Monday, October 26, 2009

A jaunt

I am writing to you from beautiful Myrtle Beach. Sadly it is raining and that impacts picture taking. It does not however detract from the amazing beauty of the coastline and the ocean. Goodness it is beautiful here.

I flew in on Sunday morning, checked in to the hotel (with a stunning view) and got to see an awesome friend, Kim and her husband Nick. We would still be at the restaurant talking if we didn't have to work.

Tomorrow, I will be presenting a session to the 800 or so students in the MBA program at Wall College, at Coastal Carolina University. You know how much I love social media and networking, and how much I love HR -it's the perfect blend of all the stuff I love ... and mostly, it's just a joy and privilege to come down here and talk about it. Good timing. I think my friends and colleagues are a teeny, tiny bit tired of hearing 'bout Twitter. :)

I miss my two Handsome men who are holding down the fort while I am away. See ya on the flip side!

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