Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home for the holidays!

Yesterday during the work day, I stopped by WMRL to meet Roscoe. WMRL has a terrific program for training first responders in basic first aid for their dogs; WMRL rescues dogs from the local Humane Society and then promises to find homes for the rescued pups. That's how we found Samson. :) And the promise to find homes for these dogs is no small feat in this economy.

Roscoe is a vivacious fellow with a warm, rambunctious spirit. I went to meet him to try and help spread the word. I took my little camera to get a few happy snaps. He is a wonderful dog - handsome, sweet and just wanting a good walk. Sounds like someone else we know. ;)

Before I could get the email written and pictures formatted, Allison of WMRL let me know that Roscoe found a home! Hooray for Roscoe. Home for the holidays!
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