Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cards

We did ours. They are in the mail. Christmas cards are something that Paul enjoys - and I help - especially since the invention of labels. We merged, formatted, printed, signed, sealed, stamped and mailed our cards. They aren't bad cards but they aren't anything like the card below. The card I wait all year for.

I have a friend who sends me annually the best card ever. They are such awesome, amazing and beautiful cards that I keep them. And each year remind me of what cheesy cards Rite Aid, Sam's Club and Walgreen's sell. His card is my annual hall of shame.

This year, there was a super, cool, groovy insert. So not only did I get a cool card this year, but I got this awesome folding tree globe.   Even Samson had to check it out.   

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So thank you William.  Next year,  no more commercial cards.  It's Snapfish  for us with some super, cool, groovy pictures of a certain GSD - which for us non-statisticians means German shepherd dog -  the Handsome One chillaxin' just East of the Equator.  

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