Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Happy Dance!

w00t! It's been a good week and a busy week and the weekend is looking fine.

Mr. Handsome was not very much this week and despite our wonderful vet tech's efforts over Facebook to help, he was still sick. So Wednesday, we paid a visit to the good vet's office. I love taking him there and believe it or not, he loves going. He just loves people, esp Jen. :) With a little medicine, our Handsome One is feeling much better and enjoying life. Whew. (I will spare you the details as not all my blog's readers are excited to hear about my dog's elimination issues) While at the vet's office, he was showered with love, rubs and puppy treats. He is so spoiled. And I think, deservedly so.

This weekend, we have some things to make happen. We need to get out our Christmas cards, we need to do a little shopping at Art of the Table, we need to get some pictures taken (that's the royal We) and do a little clean up.

This is the first weekend in several months where I don't have something scheduled on the calendar. Ah, some down time.

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Jewels said...

You are awesome, Dee!