Friday, December 11, 2009

Oscoda in December

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We had quite a week. It did nothing but snow for two plus days, after the 36 hours of insane hype by the local meteorologists. By the time it started to snow, people were so sick and tired of the nonstop Blizzard warnings, we just ignored the cautions and went about our business. It really did snow quite a bit. I normally am all kinds of excited about snow but not this week. We had work to do in Oscoda. Specially a home - or more accurately a cottage - inspection. The snow caused us to postpone the inspection from Friday AM to Friday PM but we got it done.

We headed up to Oscoda Friday morning, early. It was slow going through Lansing but once we hit 69, the roads were fine. We had a nice lunch and hit Oscoda around 1:30. Inspection was at 3pm. While Paul and Dave (from Anchor Home Inspection - shout out to Dave!) were going about the business of checking things out, I took an opportunity to take some pictures.

There is something exceptionally beautiful about being on the water when it's cold. There wasn't any ice yet, and not much snow, but it was cold - biting, wicked cold. But listening to the wind, the swaying trees and the melodic lapping of the waves - all are enough to soothe any harried soul, mine included.

Next is the appraisal and then, well, I won't go there until we have crossed the next great hurdle. It's beautiful. That's enough.


Jewels said...

Beautiful! it looks so peaceful.

Lisa said...

Stunning! There will be much contemplation happening on that beach. Your soul is grinning from ear to ear. :-)