Monday, January 11, 2010


Pretty cool numbers, don't you think? I do and today at 10:00 am, we finished a deal, a lifelong dream really as East of the Equator became ours. It was a whirlwind, up to Oscoda Sunday, walk through in the afternoon, Monday morning meeting with a contractor, closing on the property, opening a local bank account, dropping stuff off at the cottege and then driving home in the sporty freezing rain/snow/mix. Not much time for hanging, chilling, pictures, relaxing and taking in the view. I managed to snap a few pictures while we were in and out.
Property Line
The water was a curious murky green, not the beautiful sapphire blue that I normally expect of the Great Lake Huron.
Ice mountains
East of the Equator

The best part of the morning was a total surprise. As I was walking around outside, taking in the silent, still and frigid view, the hawk flew by. Right out of the pine trees to the south, came swooping by, a few delicate moves and he coasted over the water. I had the wrong lens and was completely unprepared. I gasped, stared, fumbled and then stopped. And perhaps it was as it should be. I felt as if I had been officially welcomed - and was to simply enjoy the moment. Pictures I think, will come later. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. And memories. And fun. And food. And company. And joy. And ... well you get the picture. :)

Come visit, won't you?

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Jewels said...

I'm speechless! The mountains are gone! But I'm ready to make a memory there with ya :)