Thursday, January 07, 2010


A mason came forth and said, "Speak to us of Houses."
Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.
And though of magnificence and splendor, your house shall not hold your secret nor shelter your longing.
For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of night.
Monday, the dream comes true.


Lisa said...

Cheers to your dream coming true on Monday.

Henry said...

I'm decreeing Monday Jan 11, 2010 as "East of the Equator Day." Just sayin'. After all, what's a VP for if not this?


Paul's Blog said...

Remember, HDV, that East of the Equator, it is always a quarter past five.

Deirdre Honner said...

And we expect you all to visit. Lisa, all the way from MN! :)