Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Memories of Big Ted

Years ago, a lifetime ago, I lived in a condo in Irvine. We (that's the royal we- Paul, Allie and I) split our time between our place in OC and our home in San Diego. I didn't mind the time and loved my friends there ... loved everything except the traffic...oh, and the weather. Sun all the time got to me. (Commence funny and witty barbs here).
Miss Allie loved her poofy toys. Her favorite toy was Big Ted, as seen here in her mouth. Seriously, that was the name on the toy when I bought it. She would bark, shake and kill Big Ted every chance she could. Mostly she would chew on Big Ted. But Big Ted wouldn't die.
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I could get Ms Allie to bare her teeth. I would say, 'Get Big Ted' or 'Where's Big Ted' and she would bark, growl and shake Big Ted.
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One day, I was chasing Ms. Allie around the small table in the living room. She was growling, shaking and trying to kill Big Ted. I was chasing her, trying to get Big Ted from her. It was our little game. As I was chasing her, yelling 'Get Big Ted - Where's Big Ted?' a good friend of mine was walking up to my front door. She cautiously approached the door - calling my name, asking if everything was ok. Out of breath from chasing Ms. Allie, I said - sure all good, why?
She said, "who's Big Ted and why are you yelling his name? and where is Paul?" We all had a very good, hearty chortle. All these years later I can still laugh about Ms Allie and Big Ted.

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