Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Happy Dance

Well, it's been quite a week.  Back and forth, hither and yon, dinner with friends and some time on Skype.  I am glad it's Friday.  I need a nap.  
From 2009-12-20
Some fun things - our Handsome Samson is Pet of the Month at Whiskers Pet Resort. The crew there - Rebecca, Nichole, Jennifer, Amber and friends all take such good care of him.  He loves them so.  When we take him to Whiskers - for boarding or fun for the day, he can't wait to get there.  We tell him - come on, let's get in the car and go to Whiskers, he starts howling.  When we get close, he starts howling in the crate and when we arrive, he bolts to the desk, jumps up to say hi and runs to the office to look for Rebecca.  It's like he owns the place.  When one of his special friends take him to the back to stay and play, he doesn't even look back.  Really.  Not even a glance.

So when speaking about of Whiskers, we call it the Happiest Place on Earth or the W place.  We can't say it or spell it; Samson's ears go up and he looks interested.  Funny little man.

Henry was in SoCal this weekend and I got a Skype call from him that he had Yak for dinner.  I need to hear more about this.

So that's all she wrote.  More in the hopper.  Happy Friday!  

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Lisa said...

He needs a fan page on Facebook. I would totally be a member!!!!