Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A pretty cool present

One of the best gifts I received for my birthday was a camera.  I know, this is a great surprise to anyone who reads this - what a completely out-of-the-blue gift.  But it is a special camera, a very old camera.  This camera will require a homebuilt contraption to use and fortuitously, I have an engineer in the house who is up for the challenge.  
All the cool photogs are using old technology to shoot through while taking pictures.  And thanks to my dear, dear friend Julia, who delivered this gift to my office on my birthday, I now am truly cutting edge.  In a retro sort of way.
Now, to get Paul working on the contraption.  More to come on this adventure!


Jewels said...

Oh my gosh... you are going to have a way better contraption from your engineer-hubby! Mine used cardboard and duct tape. I am so glad you like it :) Adventures ahead!

Henry said...

Hey, I used cardboard and duct tape for Jill, nothing wrong with that. Besides, I'm sure that John and I got the job done much quicker than an engineer will -- they're so precise and fussy. :-)

Big Johnny said...

We had that exact kind of camera when I was a kid. My folks probably still have it somewhere.