Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long weekend

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend.  Of course, tho, the minute yesterday  that I put out on @Twitter - it's my Friday and the weekend is nothing but sunshine and blue skies, the clouds gathered ominously followed by torrential downpours and flash flood warnings for about 30 minutes.   Really.  I am the vortex of doom for weather predictions.  
So no more predictions about the weather.  But solid predictions for fun, pictures, stories, toasts, cool dips, friends, cookouts, Killians on tap and undoubtably a pull tab or two.   Maybe even Winky.  
Your house shall not be your anchor, Kahlil Gibran wrote, but a mast.  We have good sails, a great skipper and fair winds.  Cheers. 

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