Sunday, June 05, 2011

Small town eating

There is a restaurant about 15 miles north of us in Oscoda called the Old Place Inn.  You would never see if from US 23.  If you didn't know about it, you would never go in to it. It's sort of dumpy, not really sure if it's a hotel, restaurant, either, neither, both.  But if you are lucky enough to stumble upon it, you will be treated to some of the best food, especially soup, ever made.

It's the kind of place that will make me eat soup when it's 90 degrees.

Everything that can be is made from scratch.  They have the best cream of mushroom soup, tomato soup, and clam chowder that I have ever tasted.  The coleslaw is simply amazing.  Some of the pies are made from berries grown on the premises and they serve BOTH Coke and Pepsi products.  I am a Coke-only kind of person, but I do appreciate the inclusiveness when it comes to beverages.

They have Bell's Beer and tout it as "local."  Well, it IS made in Michigan.

We were up there on Saturday and Paul and I had a roast beef sandwich on homemade bread, grilled and covered in mozzarella cheese.  Hmmm.....

From East of the Equator, Summer 2011

The help is, well, eclectic.  Goes with the territory.   And they sell all kinds of bizarre crap.  I never buy it but it makes for good pictures.  :)  Happy eating.

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