Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Up north

When we started our life together, Paul and I lived in Guam.  I don't have any pictures from Guam ... not like I have pictures now but suffice it to say it was a simply gorgeous place to live. 
However.  There were three different demographics on Guam.  The native Chamorro people, the military and then runaways from the real world.  Dealing with local contractors, including the government, went something like this.  When get I get this ?   Um, not really sure.   When could I get delivered? Um maybe next week some time? Don't really know man.
Hafa adai bro.
That's sort of what it's like up here, up north.  I am having a storage unit delivered today.  I don't know when.  Whenever they show up with it.  Cuz you know, we cottage people don't have anything going on really.  We just sit around waiting for stuff to happen, in between lounging on the beach and drinking bourbon slushies. 
But at least for the time, I can enjoy the gorgeous beach line created by our magnificent Creator.   And not worry so much about time and deliveries.  
From East of the Equator, Summer 2011

From East of the Equator, Summer 2011
From East of the Equator, Summer 2011
Hafa Adai from Oscoda.

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