Sunday, June 12, 2011

We have a kitchen!

And it is beautiful!  To celebrate, we had dinner.  (that's a funny).    It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend.It was a little overcast and drippy for part of Saturday.  Samson makes his home on the futon in the beach room.  He checks out the happenings of his other furry peeps and can relax at the same time.

From 2011-06-11

We were invited to a graduation party- our realtor (now friend) Missy and our cottage transformationalist (now friend) Rick were celebrating Missy's son's graduation.  Here are the people who helped get us here.  :)
From 2011-06-11

And we topped the day off with a fabulous dinner that will be posted over at the cafe.  We finished our evening with bourbon slushies and a gorgeous view of our Lake.

From 2011-06-11

Yeah, it's this beautiful all the time.

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