Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am a weather nerd

I love a lot of stuff. I love life,  I love my dog, I love photography, I love Lake Huron;  it's a pretty long list of stuff I love.  Oh ... and I really, and I do mean REALLY,  love weather.

Weather.  Big storms.  Wicked winds.  Sheeting rain.  Blizzards.  Thunder.  Lightening.  You get the picture.

Secretly, I wanted to be a meteorologist. Unfortunately, this revelation came late in life, like when cable came to be and the Weather Channel came online. It would have been a lot of math and physics to follow that dream and I wasn't prepared to go that far.

However, I do know all the names of the meteorologists on the Weather Channel. I follow them on twitter.  I am sort of on the line ... almost obsessed.  Or as Paul would say, "loooooooser."


I got up in the middle of the night to check on the storm.  Had I not felt so lousy, I would have turned on the tv.  The weather channel has been on since 8:30 this morning and I am following the storm minute by minute. And it's on every tv in the house, as I go from room to room, cleaning;  I don't miss a thing.  

I have lived through typhoons (Guam), earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides (southern California), and tornadoes (Michigan).  Right now, I can hope (and pray) that all my east coast friends are safe - either evacuated or hunkered down - and I can get my weather geek on.

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