Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music that makes me dance

I love music.  This is no secret. 80gb of music on my iPod and well, that's a lot of music ...

During the time when I had a chance to see some of the best bands of the 80s, I didn't think they would become such superstars.   Here are a few of the bands I loved seeing live - some as opening bands and a few, got to hang out with after the show.  (Can you say groupie?) Most of these bands I have seen at least twice, some WAY more. 

And U2 was okay live ... not nearly as good as Pete, Gary, David and Paul. 

10.  Gang of Four 
9. U2  (have their autographs)
8.  Duran Duran  (saw them in the snow during the middle of the week during their This is Planet Earth tour)
7.  The Jam (way underestimated)
6.  The Clash
5.  Psychedelic Furs 
4.  Gary Numan 
3.  REM 
2.  Talking Heads
1.  Peter Gabriel

oh, and the other number one. 

1.  Declan MacManus.  There is only one of him.

These songs bring back wonderful memories and make for terrific car dancing. 

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