Saturday, December 03, 2011

Locals first - Ramona's Table

I love local businesses.  I cheer for the small businesses who open up and serve our community.  We do our best to shop, eat, visit and spend money in at least one small business a week.

Today is my (heart, heart, love, love) favorite local restaurant in East Grand Rapids, Ramona's Table.  We try and eat here on Saturdays, schedules allowing.

The food is well, simply fabulous.  I am in love with their broccoli salad.  And soups.  And sandwiches.

I don't know how best to describe the place.  It's cozy right now (until their addition opens up).  The food comes in a cool metal basket.  I always get the same thing.  The Merry Mary, whatever amazing soup is available - yesterday was a creamy chicken tortilla (take how good that sounds and multiple it by 1000) and of course, the broccoli salad.

You can also get kettle chips, potatoes and a host of other sides with the lunch combo.  I would write about other items but I have never been able to get beyond the deliciousness of the Merry Mary.  Paul has tried several different sandwiches and raves about each one.

They have desserts.  I try to never sit next to the cooler with the desserts.  Oh.  My. Goodness.

So just go and find your favorite.  They also cater.  Next party I have - it's a Ramona's Table cater for sure.

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