Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anatomy of a meal

Round these parts, we have a cooking philosophy called Basement Cooking. We have committed to cooking, "what's in the basement."   We have half a cow and a whole pig, sliced, diced, sealed and frozen.  We approach each meal as it's a puzzle waiting to be assembled.

We set the table.  We always need a little color during the winter.


Friday night, we cooked steaks on the barbie.  While it snowed, we may have been better to reverse the meals (Saturday was indoor cooking) but it turned out beautifully.  The steaks were simply seasoned with Mickey & T's All American seasoning.  Simple.  Delicious.  We had a little Sinister Hand to prop up the steaks.



Saturday night, we opted for chicken.  My very favorite dish EVER.  (well at it was least last night).  We swung by Art of the Table and Andrea helped us pick out a wine.  We choose a (GASP) inexpensive white table wine, Hook and Ladder.




The salad was fabulous as always.  It's our favorite complete with homemade dressing.  You should try it.


And dinner?  Magnifique!



Cheers to the weekend.

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