Saturday, May 05, 2012

A beautiful walk

At times, I wonder what grace is left in the world.  When I am asking that question or thinking that thought, lo and behold, I get a gift.  An answer.  An affirmation. 

Mr. Handsome and I were on a wonderful, long walk this AM. It was partly sunny with a light breeze.   We went extra long.  While walking down our favorite street, Lake Drive, we stumbled upon the most delightful event. 

Two ducks were crossing the street.   They were NOT using the crosswalk as they should have.  They were ambling. 

Lake Drive is a busy street.  Even at 7:30 in the morning.

Samson and I stop about 1/2 a block from the ducks.  Samson is by all accounts, a high prey drive dog, and should we keep going, it won't end well.  The last thing I want is for the ducks to wander back into the street.  

The car driving east comes to a full stop.  The ducks are in her lane.  The female duck saunters on to the easement.  The male duck stays in the street.  A few cars now stop behind the first car.  The driver in the first car is a young woman. 

She honks her horn.  I bet she is late for work. 

The male duck ever so slowly pops up on the easement and plops down next to his girlfriend. 

The cars go by.  The ducks sit. 

A woman with her two dogs running east crosses Lake Drive to avoid the ducks.  Samson is saying hello loudly to the two dogs.  The ducks look our way. 

Two runners on the sidewalk run by but step into the street to avoid the ducks.

A walker is walking west and she too crosses the street to avoid the ducks.

I am so fascinated by the events that I forget that Samson and I are on a walk too.

We cross the street, much to Samson's dismay, and give these two beautiful ducks wide berth.  

As we walk away, I look back and the ducks are just hanging out. 

All this kindness and deference and beauty at 7:30 in the morning on a busy street in a sidewalk community.  It was a wonderful way to start our day. 

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One Blonde Brain Cell said...

I love seeing ducks or other animals hanging out like that. I always take the time to enjoy it. Like is too short bit too.