Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's May

and almost June.  It is FINALLY feeling like some kind of spring-into-summer weather, complete with sunshine and big, blue skies. 

The school year is ending.  The cottage is ready.  And it was time for the Relay. 

Every year, Paul does it.  This year was no different except that he has a horrible ear infection.  So his participation was more supervisory than participatory.  He couldn't stay away.  One of his colleagues called him a rockstar so who can blame him?  :)






Someday.  Until that day, we will keep walking, raising, and supporting the Relay.


Nataly said...

I can see how much you care for others by your willingless to support them while they are going through such rough times.Few years ago one of my aunts died because of cancer.It came so suddenly and changed what her life was completely.We haven't found a cure for cancer and I don't know if we ever will,but we should not forget to share with those that are sick about Jesus.Who is our only hope!

Deirdre Honner said...


Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog.