Monday, July 02, 2012

I hate beets

That's a bold statement.  True but bold.  Right up there with red peppers, green peppers, and even yellow peppers, beets have had a special place on my list.  Don't eat.

They taste like dirt to me.

The problem I find is that when I throw a challenge out into the ethos, inevitable someone, somewhere says, "let's prove her wrong."

Which is exactly what happened with the beets.

We headed up to our very favorite restaurant on the planet, the Old Place Inn.  When we arrived, Chef Don had some surprises for us.

From July 2012

Cheeseburger soup.  I know, I know.  Sounds odd, like BLT soup.  But trust me when I tell you, it was the most exquisite, incredible, delectable soup EVER.  Cheese, hamburger, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, onions.  In a soup.

I don't know why I tried the others but suffice it to say, glad I did.

Next up, I tried Ukrainian Borscht. I didn't know it was made from beets. Sometimes, I am not that bright.  I looked at  it and thought, ugh, I can't eat this.  But I had to.  Don made it.

WOW.  It was delectable.  Don told me that he put nothing else in to sweeten it - no sugar, no sweeteners. Beef broth, I think, with beets, beef and something I couldn't identify.  His secret ingredient?  Caraway.  Who knew.

From July 2012

The best part of the day happened next.  We were lamenting with Don that the previous week, he had served lamb with curry soup.  Our dear cousins Mary, Rob and the kids were hanging at the cottage and we  told them to make sure to visit the Old Place.  Well, Mary told us about the lamb and curry soup, and we were verklempt.  How did we miss such an amazing soup?

Well, two minutes later, out Don came with two bowls.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Lamb, curry, and I think cous cous in a bowl.   This man is a genius.

From July 2012

We also tried the cold cucumber soup.  I don't like cold soups.  Given the experience with the beets, I have decided that if I really don't like it, and Don makes it, I better try it.  It was delicious. Diced cucumbers, sour cream, a little horseradish.

So I guess I don't really hate beets after all.  Or cold soup.  We will visit again on Friday.  I can't wait to see what soups Don has up his sleeve!

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