Sunday, October 28, 2012

(mostly) Delight and (a little) Disappointment

We have had a glorious weekend EOTE.  While the weather has been a tad wild, it hasn't prevented us from doing everything we love.   We have watched the sun rise and set, grilled breakfast and dinner, walked the beach, watched freighters float by, and watched the moon rise.

From Fall in the O

From Fall in the O

From Fall in the O

From Fall in the O

From October Moon

Saturday, we had lunch at our very favorite restaurant, The Old Place Inn. I always write about their soups. This visit is no exception.  We were smarter this time (well Paul was); he called ahead.  Don made sure to have TWO of my favorite soups ... wild mushroom and Carolina seafood chowder.  I had a new one - greens and beans.  Every kind of fabulous green along with beans - it was a home run.

From Fall in the O

From Fall in the O

Then they told us the news ... we were hoping to see them over Thanksgiving but Don and Sharon are closing for the winter.  We were crushed.  Sad for us but happy for them. They will be closing from daylight savings to daylight savings each year.  Don said that it is the first time in 45 years that he will get to spend a Thanksgiving with his family - not cooking for others. 

We will certainly miss them for our last few visits of the year and we are happy for their time off.  It's been a rough year for them.  They deserve it. 

As a send off, Don had a quart of his masterful butternut squash bisque.  I bought what was left and will have it for lunches this next week.  Lucky me. 

Cheers from the most beautiful place on earth. 


Karen said...

I love your soup photos!

Deirdre Honner said...

thanks. I love eating the soup AND taking pictures.