Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parking lot

We are moving into the second week of January.  It's gloomy and lugubrious and damp and bleh.  No snow.  Just rain, some sleeting rain, and soggy grass.

Bleh.  But it means the count down to open EOTE has begun.

I love the north, living in Michigan.  We spend days driving up and down US 23.  I have driven past this sign more times than I can count.  I promised myself that someday I would stop and take a picture.  I finally did when we were up in Oscoda over Thanksgiving. 

I took a picture because no one would believe me.  With the beauty of the beach and the water, the state of Michigan put a Park and Ride ON THE BEACH.

From 2012-11-24

This is the view.

From Park and Ride

From Park and Ride

I guess the parked cars need a view too. Truth be told, I have never seen a car parked in this parking lot.

Such is life in northern Michigan. 

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evilbear said...

You have a very nice blog. After reading your posts and viewing your pics, a person feels very "comfortable".