Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lend me your ear

Last week, we had a problem.  Samson's ear filled up with fluid.  Aurel hematoma.  All my years with dogs and I have never heard of this.  Who knew. 

After two very painful drainings, we were left with only surgery. So Monday, Mr. Handsome went under the knife. He came home mopey and crabby, his head contained in the cone of shame. Who can blame him for being crabby?   Not me.  If you put a cone on my head, I would be crabby too. 


On the outside of the ear, our vet sutured a small piece of x-ray paper.


This keeps the ear from refilling with fluid and blood, and helps the ear heal.


It's not attractive. 


But bless his heart, he is such a trooper.  30 days that cone will cover his head. Monday we will find out what's next for our sweet Handsome boy. 


Karen said...

Awww. Such a trooper is right!

GallifreyanFangirl said...

aww poor dog!

Deirdre Honner said...

thanks - he is such a trooper but it's already getting old and it's only been 4 days.