Sunday, October 13, 2013

different colors of light

We drove north and east, then north again for a long weekend.  I had a bunch of work reading to do so I took a day to do it.   It's amazing what I can get done with a simple change of scenery.  I feel quite accomplished.

The bookends of the days East of the Equator are nothing short of marvelous.   When we ventured forth and bought on the east side of the state, several people questioned our sanity - especially the notion of missing sunsets.

We are notoriously early risers, due in part to small (or large, depending on your perspective) furry creatures who are sorely lacking a snooze feature.  Every morning, I enjoy the sunrise and seldom miss it.   Okay, maybe in the summer when it feels like the sun is rising at 4 am, I might miss one or two;  I don't ever miss it in the fall.   The cool temps bring abundant colors to more than just the trees.



with fog:
sunrise in fog

and clouds:

and we get some pretty darn lovely color for sunsets, despite what people think.



We were driving through town yesterday and spotted the neatest license plate - wish I had thought of it.
fave license plate!

Best kept secret in Michigan.

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