Sunday, November 03, 2013

not there

I define life in here and there.  When we are not there, we are here.

Rather vague but to me, it's very clear.   I am happy here but I love it, and I do mean love to the depths of my core, there.

But this weekend, we are here.  We had sunshine despite promises of rain and thunder and lightening.  We took advantage of the nice weather and walked.  A lot.

And I finally remembered to grab my little point and shoot and take some happy snaps along the way.

The trees are looking fab.



Both days, we walked to Reeds Lake.  It's looking fine.



I love this dog.


I say this a lot.  And I do.  This weekend, we put on the heart worm drops and it must bother him.  He  follows us around, sulking and sad.  It's hard to explain that something so awful may very well just save his life.  So instead, we give him a Denta-stick.  We call that puppy crack.  He LOVES it.

We do not buy any treats from Purina, purchased in China.

Cheers from here until we once again there.

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