Saturday, January 18, 2014

well, it happened again

Samson had another one.  Another aural hematoma.

Not sure why.  And I don't think that we will ever get a good answer because there may not be a good answer.  There may not be any answer.  It makes me mutter bad words under my breath.

I love this dog and I so hate to see him suffer.   With a bloody ear.  An ugly cone. No real way to get comfortable.  No running, chasing, or playing with his friends.

5 weeks.

We often say that his ailments are more difficult on us than on him.

Bless his heart, he is such a trooper.  He takes his meds like a champ (with a little peanut butter).  He doesn't try and take off the cone.  He lets me clean his ear.  He lets me take pictures.  He doesn't complain.

He gets awesome puppy treats.

Thank God he only has two ears.  Because we are not going through this again.

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