Sunday, March 16, 2014


We are SO TIRED OF WINTER.  This coming from someone who loves winter.

I think that what's truth is that I am tired of the bitter cold. And ice. It's hard to walk, impossible to walk in the dark in the morning with the Handsome One, and our noses and fingers just burn.


And after all the surgery and cone and nonsense, his ear filled back up.  We were pissed. In consult with our vet, we didn't go back to a second surgery; rather we waited. The waiting paid off.  His ear is almost back to normal.

But I will always, always worry about it filling back up again.

who me?

We took a drive up to check on the cottage. Normally about this time, we would be talking about opening it up. Planning. Packing. Getting ready.  Still a month out but thinking about it.  We aren't thinking about it this year. We are thinking sometime in May.

The snow was up to our armpits in places.

Our neighbor's deck is buried.

We just hope there isn't sand underneath all that snow ...

Thursday is the Vernal Equinox.  And I think it might snow.

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