Friday, August 01, 2014

welcome August

good ness.  Time, you just fly.

We have enjoyed another week in our little slice of heaven.  The weather was peculiar; rather the weather guesses were off by a factor of 10 most days.  Days were were supposed to have sun, we had clouds; days we were supposed to have rain, we had sun.  Who knows.  No complaints.

We had a night when the power went down.  It was odd timing; all the storms had passed and we were getting ready to make dinner.  We had drinks with our neighbors and were all commenting on how fortunate we were to still have power.  (kiss of death right there).  As we were thinking about dinner, bam - out went the lights! Our neighbors already had dinner in the oven and invited us back over for the meal.  We hauled our wine, our flashlights, and our candles and enjoyed a lovely meal with a backdrop of pounding waves. Made an incredibly lovely evening out of no power.

We did have a lot of wind and clouds. Made for some lovely pictures!

A wall of rain traveling across Lake Huron

The most amazing morning clouds I have seen in a while!



A couple of amazing mornings. Each sunrise different in its own way.



And a very happy boy on his beach.

No sign of the eagle.  We are convinced that all the construction on US 23 has scared him off.  We are hoping this is just short term. We miss seeing him.

A few more days here.  Love this down time.

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