Thursday, October 19, 2023

What can you do?

More frequently than not, I get questions from people about what they can do to get involved.  If it hasn’t been clear, I am a Democrat, work elections, am involved in politics, and really, really, really loathe the GOP and its misogynistic, fascist slant.  I have written this so many times, that I just copy and paste.  But here, I will expand.  It comes down to time and money. 

If you have money: 

Politics is money. Help your local Democratic party. A recurring donation is best. Even if it’s $5 or $10 a month, offices can budget based on recurring donations. I support the Kalamazoo Democratic Party, the Michigan Democratic Party, and my favorite, the Iosco County Democratic Party.  More information here

Support candidates. Find your local candidate(s) and contribute monthly. Every single dollar makes a difference.  

- For State House, look here 
- For the US House, look here  (we have a moron representing us in both places but that’s another post) 

Make sure we elect a Democratic Senator to replace Debbie Stabenow who is retiring. Elissa Slotkin, Hill Harper, Pamela Pugh, Leslie Love, and Nasser Beydoun are Democratic candidates right now. Look at their profiles, pick one, and contribute.  

*If you are in another Blue state, find a red area in your state and invest there. If distance prevents you from helping with canvassing or office help, send them your money.  

If you have time: 

Sign up to help the party canvas. You can knock on doors, work the phone bank, and deliver signs. You can do this by contacting your local Democratic Party HQ.  

Volunteer to work in your local Democratic Party’s office. These offices are staffed by volunteers. We need you! The closer we get to elections, the more help we will all need. Consistent coverage in the offices with a physical community presence is so very important.  

Run for something. Anything. Democrats have quit running in some parts of the country, many in northern Michigan. It's money, resources, and for some, a safety issue. (I can't believe I am writing this in 2023 but here we are). They are amazing resources to help people run. Think about supporting your library, county commission, school board - any place where we need strong Democratic voices. There are so many excellent resources if you want to run. The best place to start is with your local Democratic party. I can help with resources, too.  

If you have a little bit of time

Sign up and work elections. THIS IS CRITICAL. Take a day or two off each year to work the elections.  Sign up with your local clerk or go to the Secretary of State’s website and your contact information will be forwarded to the location(s) of your choice.  (Many employers allow this as community service; check with your employer to see if you can take it off.  

Get to know your local representative. Write him/her/them a letter making sure to let them know what’s important to you.  The GOP in my area is famous for not showing up so we make sure to write letters and call their office(s).  And make sure you know how they are voting. You can look here and here

Write letters to the editor (if your paper publishes LTEs).  Paul and I write a letter every single month. We write to counter the Big Lie, to fight disinformation, and make sure there are Democratic voices in the public eye every single month. 

Read. I love Heather Cox Richardson, Bridge MI, the Atlantic, and Dean Obeidallah. Attend trainings and webinars. I particularly love Contest Every Race, Rust Belt Rising, and the National Democratic Training Committee.  

There is a LOT HERE. And I have really smart friends who will add to this post. If you want to talk more about this, I have so much more information. And great links on my website.  

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