Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What's wrong with the GOP?

Let's start here. 


We have a gun violence epidemic in this country – gun violence is the leading killer of kids. But at every turn, Trump has caved to the NRA and sold out our kids’ and communities’ safety. 
As president, Trump made the gun epidemic worse by standing in the way of common-sense gun reform and making it easier for criminals to carry guns.
o He promised to block bipartisan bills with common sense gun safety measures. 
o He refused to support proven effective policies like a federal assault weapons ban.
o He rolled back regulations designed to keep guns from dangerous people.
Now Trump is running for reelection on an agenda that would not only fail to tackle gun violence in our communities – it would make us less safe:
o He’s supporting national concealed carry reciprocity legislation that would weaken states’ gun safety laws and harm law enforcement. 
o He’s encouraging concealed carry in our kids’ classrooms and arming teachers.
o He’s promising to roll back President Biden’s bipartisan, effective gun safety measures.
Trump’s agenda is not only dangerous – it’s also wildly out of step with Americans:
o A vast majority of Americans – including independents and gun owners – agree with commonsense actions to reduce gun violence. Donald Trump will block all of them. 
Meanwhile, President Biden and Vice President Harris have taken on the NRA to make our communities safer:
o Established the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.
o Signed the most significant federal bipartisan gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years.
o Combating deadly, untraceable ghost guns.
o Closing background check loopholes – and more.
The bottom line: Donald Trump has made it crystal clear who he’s running to serve: when confronted with horrific gun violence, he tells survivors to “get over it,” and at every turn, he has done exactly what the NRA commands him to do.


Donald Trump has directed MAGA Republicans to kill what would be the toughest and fairest reforms to secure the border in decades because he thinks it will help him politically.
This agreement would make our country safer, make the border more secure, and treat people fairly and humanely - and is supported by Donald Trump’s allies – like the Border Patrol Union, which endorsed Trump’s campaigns for president twice – and the Chamber of Commerce.
After years of talk about securing the border, Trump has now proved he would rather put politics first.
That’s exactly who Donald Trump is: always looking out for himself and not the American people
From Day One, President Biden has been working to fix a broken immigration system. 
That’s why, for the past several weeks, his administration has worked in a bipartisan way to negotiate in good faith on a strong and fair bipartisan border security bill.
The American people will know why this bill failed: Donald Trump and his MAGA friends said ‘no’ to border security. 

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