Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 3 of The Renovation Starts Now!

Well, technically it's Day 4. And it's not done. Have you ever lived in a place with an entropy bomb? And it's gone off? Well, that's us. Big sigh. It's a big project and there is a lot of work to do so it is going to spill over into Tuesday. Note to self, do NOT start major projects before a long, holiday weekend. For the next three days, our garage is the storage facility to all kinds of wood, power tools and our storm door. Meantime, my LR sits in the driveway, a magnet to all kinds of goop and grossness falling from our oak tree. Rats.

Paul was able to get out of work a little early and headed home to get a head start on his turn. He and our good friend, Deb, will be priming and taping, painting and staining. It will be quite the evolution. Paul is quite excited about staining the wood in the backroom. (I promise pictures when it is all said and done). The rebuilt wall looks magnificent - an entire wall of energy efficient, argon-filled, perfectly cut glass. And one slider. The front door is shaping up too but everything needs to be trimmed so right now, it's still a vision of rawness.

After the day, Paul and I putzed around a bit. We settled on steaks for dinner and since the cupboards were bare, he ran up to D& W and I was trying to find a place on a flat surface to eat. (Entropy bomb, remember). Our neighbors were out so we walked over to enjoy an adult beverage with them and ended up chatting until almost 8pm. Samson and Annie were running around and the kids were chasing them. Samson was exhausted. :) I love a tired dog. With the steaks, I made a summer favorite, chopped salad. I borrowed the recipe from Sammy's Woodfired Pizza in San Diego. I posted on the Cafe site. It is one of my all-time favs and so incredibly easy to make.

So today, I am in charge of replenishing the cupboard while Paul and Deb beautify the house. Tonight is the night. At 8pm, the puck drops for game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is it. Detroit vs Pittsburgh. Let's Go, Red Wings!!

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