Saturday, May 24, 2008

A busy day

It was a good day. I got a lot done and I am very tired. ;) I got to drive around handling errands, a treat for me; which is quite funny given how much I USED to drive, now I hardly drive. I was the recipient of some good natured ribbing. Today, I went shopping to pick up vittles for the bare cupboard and gas up the behemoth. I have done some not very bright things in my life but waiting to fill up the Landrover on Memorial Day weekend was a topper. Of course, I pull up to the gas pump and it takes me a few minutes to remember how I open the flipper to the gas tank. I need to get out more.

I ran out to pick up the lawnmower that broke, while in my possession and use says the man, and had some time to observe humanity. I came up with some universal truths to which we should all abide.

1. The orange signs saying Road Work Ahead would be abolished. Roads would be created to never require road work again. At the very least, there would be NO road work when I am on the road. Period.

2. People should be required to use their blinker. If they don't use blinkers, on the third offense, the car will spontaneously combust. Occupants would be immediately transported to their destination while the driver would transport to a pig farm to shovel manure. That would apply to people who throw cigarettes out the window, too.

3. We could all take our dogs to work. Lots of businesses have 'take your child to work' day. I would like to take my dog to work. My dog is nicer than most people. Well, maybe not most people, maybe some people. Not the people I know and love .... but you know, other people. My dog makes me smile. A lot.

Paul and Deb made stunning strides in the house. The backroom is stained and the trim is painted. It's amazing. And beautiful. We still have a lot of work to do but all in all, things are moving along swimmingly. In the middle of the very busy day, Mr. Handsome had some fun on playing with Ms. Annie's toys.

Paul is grilling some strip steaks for dinner, along with cous cous and chopped salad. 1 hour before the puck drops. GO WINGS!


Lisa said...

Don't you wish we humans could do that and not have people stare at us like we're crazy? He's the epitomy of contentment.


Lisa said...

P.S. I hear GR gas prices have crested $4.00/gal. We're not far behind, I'm sure. Premium is still about $3.94, depending on where you buy.


Big Johnny said...

4. Any car in which a person is yapping on their cell phone while in motion should have it's tires go immediately flat !!!